Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ali's Second blog

Hi folks ,
First of all , thanks to everyone for the kind words. Twinkletoo…love to the family. Your dream shall come true one day inshAllah, just keep yourself updated with our concert schedule.

So I’m back home finally, rested, after a long trip starting from l.s.a in Malaysia till the London parade. What a blast! Had the time of my life.

Lets start from the l.s.a award ceremony. I think what happned on stage would be something you all will able to catch on t.v. soon anyway, but if i don’t fill you in with the offstage fun, whats the point of me writing to you, true?

Well to start with, the first night was fun packed as all of us friends got together and sang songs on the acoustic. The next two nights were even better as more people flew in. The show went on great as expected and it was time to celebrate and so did we all. The Youth Icon Award is indeed a big honour to cherish and even bigger to live upto, but I promise I shall do my best. May God give me the strength and all of you keep showering your love and prayers upon me to give me the courage to keep moving on.

Talking about moving on, I feel that celebrating 60 years of Pakistan in the heart of London on Trafalgar Square with approx. 15000 Pakistanis gathered with locals and foreigners to witness, definitely comes under the term “moving on” for all Pakistanis. I was more than happy to contribute in my own way and shall continue to do so in the future. Won’t we all ?

lsa-rehaersals-2.jpg lsa-rehersals1.jpg dsc00406.jpg

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