Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ali's First Blog

Dear rockers! poppers! teeny boppers and old school shoppers,
A big hug to all and sorry for not being able to write to you guys for so long. Before I say something let me thank you all for all the love, the kind words and the criticism. They’re all a huge motivation to strive to be an improved Ali Zafar in every way for your and my own sake. The news is that from now I shall have the privelage of sharing my life in bits and peices with all of you through this blog on the website from time to time. I thought there is so much to share with those who care.

To start with what better than to share the “Dekha !” experience. Yes my new gift to you all. Had a blast while shooting it, hope you have a blast watching it too. Ofcourse I can see you all seem to enjoy the Jack Sparrow bit alot. Trust me i did too. I’d always secretly wanted to do that role and here i was. The first time I looked at myself in the mirror after the make up and everything dressed as Sparrow, even i was like “what the !!!” . Now the difficult bit was to think and render “how the hell would Johny Dep sing “Dekha jo taeree aankhon mein”?! .But i’m glad it came through well enough for you all to like it.

Shooting - Pirates Sequence

The rest of the experience of working with all the three ladies, i’ll leave that to your imagination. Try not to let your imagination wonder off too much. Behave! catch ya all soon.

Love, Ali

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