Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ali's Fourth Blog[Bingo]


Hey all,
Elated to know you all like “Aasman”. Infact the feedback’s been kinda more than expected. Simplicity is the best attire ever.
Also, it was quite an experience to perform it live at the President house at the midnight hour, the same time when the nation celebrated the moment of freedom 60 years ago.

It was highly risky to go live on a live transmission as one can’t afford any mishaps and was advised not to. On top of that the whole venue was shifted indoors due to rain; plus no sound check! But I thought to myself what the hell… let’s just plug the six stringer and sing my heart out! And so I did. Felt good! Have you ever sung your heart out? Try.. it’s alot of fun. Bless the neighbours!

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