Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ali's Fifth Blog In Canada (peacemakers)

In Canada (peacemakers)

After a long flight, finally here in Toronto. What a lovely town. Always delights me. Slept most of the way and saw “Disturbia”. Now chilling in my hotel room listening to some good music and waiting to be picked up to go to some radio and press interviews. Hectic but sweet.

Now the thoughtful and interesting bit. I got to hear that some people (some rival organizers) tried to create this confusion, infact told some of the local organizers that Ali will not get a visa for the U.S and he’s not coming. A normal practice done by most Pakistani show organizers to damage each others prospects and repute. Well i’m here and hey! guess what, got the visa in three hours. The American gentleman at the visa office was really sweet and kind. Told me to sign an album copy for his friend and take the visa in a few hours. Back to the point, my question is: for how long shall we try to hold each other down for our own personal gains. For how long shall we feel happy for someone else’s misery? Greatness reflects in wishing your enemies the best in their good endeavors and praying for their “Salah” even if they tried to put you under immense difficulty. This was taught and practiced by our Prophet (P.B.U.H). Then why not us?

My basic reason to speak about this here is because of the fact that I believe most of you here are young readers who are still developing a personality, an ideology and a set of beliefs. My humble request to you all…. Please don’t grow up to be harmful to anyone in any way. Be peacemakers and make the best out of your life by giving as much as you can to people.

God bless those who’ve gone astray and put them on the right path, for they know nothing. Amen

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